What is Strategy Bites?

Strategy Bites is an online publication about strategy - in the widest possible sense. It’s a directory, an ever expanding list of things that should help you get to shorter, snappier strategy.

Things like articles, reports, campaigns, ideas, or thoughts that have made their way into my mind and, through this publication, now into yours.

It’s for people who want to think wider before thinking sharper; who want to want to get a glimpse of what’s going on before getting going themselves; who have lots to do because they want to do lots. It’s for people who want their strategy to cut through the bullshit, clutter, and nonsense.

In its simplest form, it’s a newsletter bringing you six links of inspiration straight to your inbox. In more complex formats it will be conversations, commentary, and maybe one day courses.

It’s compiled/curated/created by Maximilian, a creative brand strategist who has been working with probably some of the best brands with some of the best creative talent at some of the best agencies in the world.

Why subscribe?

Weekly inspiration…

A subscription to Strategy Bites gets you six links of inspiration a week – and hopefully plenty to think about for the following seven days – without ever having to worry about missing out.

…for likeminded thinkers…

It gives you access to a community of people who share your interests and might just be able to help you out with something you’re currently struggling with.

…who want their strategy to bite.

This is ultimately about helping strategists making their strategy bite – bite through the nonsense and cut through the bullshit. Sharper, snappier strategy that leads to action. So stay tuned for what’s next.

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